Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nutritious, wonderful soup!

With autumn fast approaching here in New Zealand I have a craving for soup. One of my fondest childhood memories is of drinking cups of Mum's vegetable soup while curled up reading a good book. I can never seem to replicate the taste of her soup but it's good fun to keep trying.

Today I bought a bacon hock and a few extra vegetables and now my house is filled with the wonderful smell of soup which is bubbling away. For those trying to lose weight, eat healthier or save money soup is a wonderful meal. I will be freezing meal-sized portions which will make good lunch fodder for the next week or so. Also, living by myself I love coming home from work and having soup and crusty toast for my dinner.

Today's soup has onion, grated carrot and parsnip, sliced celery, silverbeet, barley and, of course, the bacon hock for flavour. Now I find myself sitting here impatiently waiting for it to ready to eat. Yum! Lunch will be a real treat today.


  1. I love soups and stews with lots of saucy broth too. I also freeze my leftovers but alas my roomie gets to them long before I do.

  2. Mmmmm, I so enjoy making and eating soups. They do freeze well and are soon made good again on defrosting with a decent stir or whisking. So good for a work lunch with bread of your choice.

    Hmmm have some mushrooms lurking in the fridge along with a long, slim leek. easter food will be good.

    Fingers, toes and patience crossed for you living with a reluctantly healing Rascalcat. Zebbycat is kindly warming up my side of "our" Bed.

    Bestest wotsits for the coming week,
    Michelle and Zebby