Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back on the saddle again

After a frustrating 8 weeks of no activity I've been given the all clear to "resume normal activity" by my specialist. He has advised me that, while I may experience ongoing pain (for up to 6 months) healing will continue and I can't do any further damage to my sacrum (unless I fall on it again I guess). I was thrilled with that and checked with him that I could get back on my bike. There was a little intake of breath at that question so I was told to go for a short ride and see how it felt.

A few days later I hopped on my bike, rode round the block and then rode to Upper Hutt and back - a distance of about 40-odd kms round trip. While I certainly experienced some tenderness and stabs of pain it was bearable. I took that as being successful and have gone back to commuting to work and back each day. The worst pain is when I get out of the saddle for steep hill climbs so that's a little limiting. The vast reduction in my fitness level (and the subsequent increase in weight) has been extremely frustrating and every day has been hard work - especially with the fresh / gusty northerlies we've been getting here in Wellington.

Over Easter was the next test - a shortish tramping trip with a pack on my back. My son's girlfriend and I headed for the hills for a 4 hour tramp to a hut for an overnight stay then return. Again, the pain was certainly there but bearable. A few pretty awful twinges but nothing long lasting.

This weekend coming is the Oxfam Trailwalker event (a walk of 100kms). I withdrew from this event and the weekend of tramping has confirmed that this was the right decision. While I can handle the pain for short periods of time, a 24-hour+ walk is out of the question for me. I will be there as support crew but that is as far as my contribution goes unfortunately. I'll be there to cook, massage and encourage as needed. Maybe next year I can be in the team.