Friday, March 26, 2010

Dastardly Rascal!

Well that rascally Rascal cat turned up on my doorstep tonight looking decidedly worse for wear. I am guessing his wound was itchy so he had managed to rip out most of the stitches!

He is spending a night at the vets tonight and tomorrow will undergo another round of cleaning and stitching and will have a drain put in. The vet has told me he will need to be kept inside for a while and given antibiotics twice a day - that is going to be no fun for Rascal or for me. He hates being cooped inside for more than a few minutes so he will go stir crazy - and I can imagine I won't be getting a lot of sleep. Poor Rascal. I will pick him up from the vet tomorrow afternoon. Fun and games!


  1. Rascal is living up to his name. By contrast Zebby is snoring away on "our" bed and doesn't seem to even notice his stitches. He still whacks me awake with loving claws if I sleep in too long for his stomach!

    Does your vet have a cage you could borrow to keep Rascal in - my folks' neighbour did just that when her ginger cat (also named Rascal) broke a leg. Her other cats thoroughly enjoyed it as the young whippersnapper was housebound for a month.

    Huggles from me and loud snores from Zebbycat

  2. When he returns from the vet today he will be taking pride of place in my guest room. Not that that will make him happy - he is far happier roaming the neighborhood. :)