Monday, April 5, 2010

The tale of the dreaded Rascal continues!

I long for the day that I can report that Rascal is well and back to being an outdoors cat! All up we have had four trips to the vet - they know all of us very well.

Rascal managed to escape his prison yesterday but he must have got used to regular meals as he came home later in the afternoon.

Today he has thoroughly disgraced himself! Twice!

This morning he wandered into the lounge, onto the floor cushions, squatted and peed! All while looking me in the eye. Cheeky darn thing. So I washed the cushion covers and then the cushions themselves. The cushions started to full apart a bit so I ended up with white fluff all over the place. I shrugged it off and figured it wasn't a problem.

That is until I got home this afternoon to find he had peed on my bed! Argh!

So I stripped my entire bed - luckily his pee had not got through to the mattress! Phew! My relief at that was short-lived - as I type this my duvet cover and sheet are in the washing machine which is full of water and doesn't want to drain. I strongly suspect that the drain is full of white fluff. Woe is me!

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear, the ginger puss is living up to his name. I hope he heals soon for the sake of your wallet and sanity.

    Fingers crossed the washing machine can be easily and cheaply fixed. My purrball in snuggled down on "our" bed, very happily a mostly indoor "wussycat". If he met Rascal he'd likely howl for rescue, lol!