Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A natural at pole-dancing?

Well, last night was my pole-dancing class. I was a little apprehensive about this class - to be honest I think I was more apprehensive about wearing short shorts than of the class itself.

The class was quite small which helped with the nerves although the full-length mirrors were a bit of a challenge. We started off with some warming up and then moved onto a "routine". That wasn't too bad. We also did some "climbing". That took me back to my school days and climbing ropes in the gym. With a bit of help I managed to climb quite high. We also did some spinning - and it seemed I was a bit of a natural at that (are you proud of me, Mum?).

All up the class was a lot of fun and not at all sleazy. I have a few sore muscles today but I have been told that tomorrow they will be much more painful - oh yay! I think it would be a great class to continue with - brilliant for building core strength and you never when some pole-dancing skills could come in handy. :)

Thanks to Sarah for taking me along.


  1. Can pole dancing ever come in handy? Great story, hooray for you!

  2. Wicked! are you going to carry on? I am sure Sam and Jordana will love going to classes with you and Sarah, they loved it too.

  3. Just had to sneak in a look at your blog to find out about the pole dancing experience. Sounds like a lot of fun - you'll be joining a circus next - after climbing ropes and spinning ;)