Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update on no-spend month - one week to go

With one week to go I thought it was timely to report on how the no-spend thing is going for me. As previous posts show there were some minor slips earlier in November but overall it's gone pretty well.

Until Sunday anyway.

We did go out for dinner as discussed in a previous blog entry, for my eldest son's birthday. Five of us had a wonderful meal at the Southern Cross in Wellington - this place was chosen because they do stone-grill which is a favourite of the birthday boy. To be honest I like stone-grill too - it's one way of ensuring your steak is cooked exactly how you would like. The evening was quite mild so we sat out in the garden bar. We enjoyed watching people who had turned up for the Sunday night free dancing lessons. None of us were game to join in but it was interested to watch.

The evening cost about $250 (eek!) but was worth every cent. That was for five adults including our drinks so not bad overall. After dinner we went home for birthday cake as shown below. Just so everyone is aware, my son just turned 23 but it's a bit of a family joke to have kiddie birthday cakes - last year was a race-track and this year the theme was Batman. My youngest son's girlfriend did a wonderful job with shaping and decorating the cake.

I will draw up a report at the end of the month showing exactly what was spent and maybe some tips on how to "not spend".

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  1. The dinner sounds like it was a great night and $50 a head is quite good. The free dancing lessons would have been fun - maybe another wine or two would have helped you on to the floor ;)

    Lizzie did a great job on the cake. Whose idea was Batman?

    The no-spend month doesn't seem to have been a total failure and will have given you leads as to how/how not to spend. Next time choose a month with no birthdays ;)

    Love Oznan