Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One small slip and a big one looming

Today I confess that I bought my breakfast from a cafe - $7.50! It was delicious but it felt so wrong to be eating it. To explain how this came about...... I went to the gym at 5:30am (this is normal for me so don't panic on that!), drove to town and arrived at work too early to get in (7:30am). I then realised that I had an 8am meeting, a 9am meeting and a 10am meeting - no time for breakfast at work which is what I usually do. So I ducked next door to work and had some yummy scrambled eggs on toast with peppermint tea. Maybe this is a justified spend? Or maybe I should have planned things better.

The upcoming big issue is that it's my son's birthday on Monday. I planned ahead on this one and bought his gift last month and thought I was very clever. What I hadn't planned on was his birthday dinner. The way I work birthdays is to let my sons decide what they would like to do for their birthday dinner. I thought I could set things up for a dinner at home - food of his choice. But, when I broached the subject he was dead set on eating out at a stonegrill place. I very subtly tried to sway him but he was firm about what he wanted. So I have agreed - what an indulgent mother I am (some would say over-indulgent). But, you know, it is a long time since we were all out together for a meal (probably February!) so that is what we will do.


  1. im sorry, we can just have a home cooked meal if you like, curry would be nice

  2. That's my darling son if anyone needed that to be pointed out. He's so sweet! The dinner out is a happening thing. :)

  3. Hiya

    Well of course if you put the dinner on your credit card you won't be paying for it until next month ;) That's not slipping at all ;)

    Hope you all have a splendid time and many many happy birthday wishes to Alex.

    Love, Nanna and Grandad - wish we were there ;) but that would be more expense ;)