Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Autumn weekend in Wellington

With the forecast looking grim and a birthday to celebrate we had a think about a place to eat out on a miserable Wellington Friday night. After pondering for a while we decided our money would be better spent buying some seafood, grabbing a bottle of wine and heading to the Rimutaka Forest Park to camp for the night. With the wind blowing a gale and showers passing through we cooked our feast of scallops, blue cod, prawns and squid and supped on red wine and a wee whiskey before slipping into our sleeping bags.

The following day we were off to do some tramping and then to camp for a second night. After managing to pack up without getting wet we headed off for a day of tramping. The weather wasn't great - pretty wet but not too cold. The foliage looked much greener with a bit of rain on it.

The following morning dawned calm and sunny - just in time for Mother's Day. No breakfast in bed for me! After packing up our campsite it was a short walk back to the carpark. After a bit of discussion about what I'd like to do for Mother's Day we ended up at Petone Beach with some lovely grilled fish and chips in the sun for lunch. 

A perfect weekend!

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  1. lovely pics - a great way to recharge your batteries I could almost breathe the fresh air :)