Sunday, May 9, 2010

Garden tidy-up with a bonus

For a while I have been meaning to spend some time tidying up my vegetable garden - for one reason or another it hasn't happened - until today! I managed to sort out all four of my raised beds. I was considering taking before and after shots but, to be honest, I was far too ashamed of how overgrown they had got so you will have to be content with the after shots - oh, and some photos of the bonus harvest of the day. :)

So here are the photos of the beds after I was finished. I was very surprised at how dry some of them were - usually at this time of the year we would have had a fair bit of rain but it has been drier and warmer than usual.

I know they look a little bare right now. I am never sure what to try grow through our winter as we get quite hard frosts so most things don't survive. Maybe I will just leave them empty until spring. The next couple of photos are the bounty from my weeding session. Would anybody like some potatoes?

Mmmm, pumpkin soup. :)


  1. Lovely looking potatoes; and an impressive yield of pumpkin soup.

    You could always grow lupins* in the beds over winter, then just dig them in to add to the soil nutrients.

    *seeds often available in large bags and at a good price at garden centres, my dear Dad uses them to replenish nitrogen in the soil.

  2. Well done! That was fun to see as we just prepared our garden yesterday for planting.

  3. Peastraw! it's wonderful, and will revolutionise your gardening experience. Don't buy those bags of Peastraw mix they try to flog you in garden centres though get a real bale from somewhere - you almost live in the country ;-)