Friday, February 19, 2010

Summertime....... and the livin' is easy.....

Oh yes! I am about to embark on a wee summer's holiday. Yay for me!

My experience of living here in Wellington is that summer can be a mythical beast. It has improved a bit recently but I hedged my bets and booked myself a week away in Nelson. To be totally honest this week was going to be my delayed honeymoon but as I am now without husband I decided it would be very cool to head off by myself and have some real "Me" time.

Nelson is a lovely little city in the South Island which boasts of being the sunshine capital of New Zealand. I am booked to stay in a little beachside cabin (looks quite rustic) at the Mapua Leisure Park. My plan is to spend some time lazing on the beach / by the pool but also to spend some time exploring the wider Nelson / Golden Bay area. Some of the places I intend to visit are listed below.

The Smokehouse at Mapua


Enriching Wellness Day Spa

Farewell Spit and Wharariki Beach

Nelson market

There are also plenty of wineries and arts and craft galleries, etc in the area so I am going to get along to as many of those as I can - all the while trying to get my relaxing time on the beach. I'm not sure if I will be posting while I am away - my trusty laptop will be with me but I will need to find some wireless internet to hook into. If that doesn't work out I will post a holiday update when I get back (hopefully with photos).


  1. Hmm, not sure what you meant by "delayed honeymoon". I musta missed something earlier. I do hope though that you will very much enjoy your time away in Nelson. "See you" when you get back.

  2. Ah, well....... I remarried two years ago and we never had a honeymoon so we booked this week away.... but then he moved out in June and that was the end of that. :)

  3. Have some lovely "Me" time, and I expect a few pictures upon your return!

  4. Do have a lovely time down in Nelson and surrounds. A slower pace of life and some wonderful places to visit will be so nice for you. I'm looking forward to reading about the market.

    Are son/s looking after cats and chooks?

  5. OIC, I'm sorry about the way it turned out, but I am happy that you went off to have a bit of R&R despite all that. Looks like you had a lovely time ;-)