Monday, December 14, 2009

More changes afoot!

Apologies for the lack of posting recently - there has been a lot going on around here.

The most fantastic news is that in about a month's time my youngest son and his girlfriend will be moving into their very own house. That means I will officially be an empty-nester! They are moving out on 22nd January. We are all very excited (mega-excited!) about the move. The house they have bought is perfect for first-home-buyers - it's a lovely 3-bedroomed house on a small section.

I have decided that I will spend my spare time (hahahaha, not a lot of that) de-cluttering my house. I made a start on the weekend when I cleaned out one of my two bookcases. I now have two big boxes of books to donate to a charity store and three bags of magazines are ready for recycling. Plus the bonus for my son is that there is now an empty bookcase looking for a home. I love the feeling I get when doing a big clean-out so I am looking forward to sorting through the rest of my house.

I know I still haven't posted with the summary of my no-spend month from November but will get that sorted very soon.


  1. Well congrats you are soon to be an emtpy nester! Lots of time for this and that, ha ha. I know time is limited. I am going through a major declutter myself. I've gotten rid of a lot though it doesn't appear so. I will continue in the new year...lots has gone to goodwill already and more to go and I've written about some of it in my blog. yeah!

  2. Great news for you all.

    I need to declutter but very few books will be included - I love them too much.

    (I'm off to Tauranga for Xmas tomorrow, will be in touch when I get back)