Monday, October 5, 2009


Another step in my master plan of reducing my outgoings is to downsize my house (and subsequently my mortgage).

In the next little while I will have an empty nest and this house is too big for one person and three cats. It's not like it is a mansion by any stretch of the imagination but it is a typical suburban family home . I still have a hefty mortgage outstanding and it makes sense to me to buy a smaller, cheaper property.

Of course I will still need a reasonably-sized section so I can still have my chooks and vegetable garden but there are definitely properties around which would fit my requirements. I can envisage a 2-bedroomed cottage with a decent size backyard.

Before I can sell my current house there are a few projects that need to be finished off - my bathroom renovation for one. Plus my lounge and hallway needs some re-plastering and painting. Finally the carpet right through the house really needs to be replaced. So my focus is to channel all spare cash into completing these projects so that the house is ready to sell some time next year. That No-spend month is coming up soon so that should help.


  1. don't bother wasting your money carpeting a house for someone else who will probably just tear it up and put in hardwood floors or something. spend your carpet money on kitchen appliance upgrades or something like that.

  2. Thanks for your comment. That's a good point you've made.

  3. Or spend your money on laminate flooring if you can't put in hardwood yourself. Though I personally don't like laminate, I found it made a world of difference in apartment hunting. It showed off a house/apartment better and it was much cleaner looking than stained carpet. Half the battle in selling your place will be to declutter, depersonalize, neutralize and keep things clean. You probably already know this if like me you've been watching too many home selling shows :-)